Black-Green Planets

Unlocking your Night Charmer allure


Elegance Redefined: Black-Green Planets by Cintilar

Step into the night with the alluring Black Green Planets collection from Cintilar. Embrace mystery, enhance your Smokey Eyes makeup, and let your jewellery tell a unique story of timeless beauty.

Our designers have poured heart and soul into crafting these multi-dimensional art pieces that are as unique as you are.

It's an art that speaks volumes about your style, personality, and individuality. Each piece tells a unique story and reflects your taste for the extraordinary.

The Black Pearl's enigmatic charm mirrors the allure of the night, while the green leaf-like textures add an element of surprise. With these pieces, you'll exude an air of mystique that draws others in.

Just like planets in the vast cosmos, no two pieces in this collection are the same. Each one boasts a unique combination of colors and textures, making it a work of art.